Literal Farm-To-Table

Every winter our team plans out a planting schedule for more than 7,000 square feet of lush, rooftop garden space. Our first planting begins in early April, typically with hearty greens and durable produce, and we plant 3 more times until early Autumn. We write our menus based around our planting schedule allowing the chef's complete freedom to let the season's bounty dictate the direction they take their food.  


Globally Influenced. Asian Inspired. Locally Grown.

This season’s pop-up menu is inspired by Chef Bryan Collante’s Filipino heritage, life travels, and dishes that have influenced him in his career. The food is bold, humble, and memorable with an emphasis on sour, sweet, salty, and funky flavors that will spark a cherished memory for each guest.


An Urban Rooftop

Garden Oasis

Welcome. Homestead On The Roof— our cozy, secret rooftop— is tucked away above Roots Handmade Pizza in the heart of West Town. The magic of Homestead is its 85-seat outdoor rooftop patio with full view of the L-shaped, 1,000 square foot rooftop garden overflowing with beautiful flowers, two massive vertical hanging gardens, a decorative outdoor fireplace, and a new water feature. Homestead also has partial seating in its indoor, air-conditioned enclosed second story with charming and rustic decor. Join us every summer for an exclusive new pop-up menu, available for a limited time.


"Make It Nice"

- Daniel Humm